Fig. 1: Me before eating at a local favorite.

My name is Satoru Ozaki (/oꜜzaki satoɾɯ/). I am a PhD student in the Department of Linguistics at UMass Amherst.

Before that, I graduated from the Master of Language Technologies (MLT) program in the Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. My advisor was Prof. Eric Nyberg. I also worked extensively with Prof. Lori Levin.

My interests are:

  • Theoretical linguistics
    • Syntax/semantics (esp. VP Ellipsis, binding and degree expressions)
    • Constraint-based grammars
  • Computational linguistics
    • Parsing
    • Formal grammars (esp. comparing Minimalist Grammars with mainstream generative grammar)

I write about theoretical/computational linguistics on this website.

curriculum vitæ (last updated: March 2024)

email: sozaki [snabel-a] umass [punkt] edu


  • 2024/01: I gave a talk at LSA 2024! My talk is titled ``A phonotactic/tonotactic grammar for Tokyo Japanese that clusters by lexical strata does not overfit,’’ slides
  • 2023/07: I was in Tokyo at OsekiLab!
  • 2023/06: I was at the LSA Summer Institute!
  • 2023/06: I was at SCiL 2023!